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Peterborough Prime believes the voice of every resident in Peterborough should be heard and actioned

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"In a world that often feels disconnected and divided, supporting organizations like Peterborough Prime becomes paramount in shaping a brighter, more compassionate future for all. The reasons to donate to Peterborough Prime are as diverse and profound as the issues we strive to address. By contributing to our cause, you're not merely making a financial commitment; you're extending a hand of hope to those whose lives have been impacted by the often invisible struggles of mental health challenges. Your donation fosters a community where seeking help for mental well-being is not stigmatized, but encouraged and embraced."


(CEO & Founder ) 

Our Services

Our Services

Peterborough Prime is a non-for-profit organization that will be making an awareness & tackling against matters that have affected Peterborough severely since Covid-19.

We are currently offering limited services due to regulations & compliance

Rough Sleeping

We campaign for decent housing for all. We won’t stop until there’s a home for everyone.

Mental Health

It can be hard to know what to do when supporting someone with a mental health problem. Our services include helpful advice on giving free support.

We also provide one to one therapy & diagnosis service.

& Police Development

We intend on working with local authorities to enhance trust across wider communities in Peterborough.

Meet The Team!

“Deliver More Than Expected.”
Re-Creating Peterborough

Our Affiliates 


Ready to join us?

It’s great that you're interested in finding out more about volunteering with Peterborough Prime.

Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds and bring with them different skills and experiences. Local residents and businesses get involved with us for different reasons and do a variety of roles. One things they have is common is that they find volunteering to be enjoying and rewarding.

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